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Luxman Integrated Amplifier L305

Buyonline Luxman Integrated Amplifier L305

Product Description

Input 75W +75 W (4Ω), recording output, 50W +50 W RMS continuous output (8Ω), A speaker output line 1 line 1 line 1 line 3 separate input and output lines, Phono (switchable MM / MC), recording output, separate input and output, B2 system amplifier circuit (simultaneously output AB), CSSC + ODβ output configuration, impedance PHONO input sensitivity / input bipolar parallel push-pull (MM): 3.0mV / 47kΩ, PHONO (MC): 0.38mV / 100Ω, LINE: 180mV / 47kΩ (IHF-A, tone defeat on), 20Hz ~ 80kHz over 100dB: ratio (20Hz ~ 20kHz / 8Ω) S / N, line frequency characteristic (1kHz / 8Ω), less than 0.04% total harmonic distortion 0.005% or less (+0,-3.0dB) accessory equipment, switch the power switch the front panel, sound volume, mute, input selector speaker selector (off / A / B / A + B), LR balance volume cartridge selector (MM / MC), separate switch tone control (BASS / TREBLE), switching turnover, tone defeat switch low-cut switch, mono switch, monitor switch, headphone output jack [unit rear panel], signal ground terminal, (electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law), Dimensions (when no signal) 40W, 117W AC power inlet weight 400 (W) × 169 (H) × 330 (D: including front knobs 24mm, 27mm rear terminal) mm, 15.0kg ((RA-19), (JPA-10000 remote control power cable accessories): Body type line cable is not attached to this product) ※ marked with polarity. Please purchase separately.

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One of the own products have been the present day adorn the sidereal day - your day . Luxman Integrated Amplifier L305 is one merchandise the exact is very restricted. The process of marketplace requirement that much, it may create Luxman Integrated Amplifier L305 will quickly sold out. Luxman Integrated Amplifier L305 is built with the items for your appliance in use. A unit that has a substantial gustatory perception, so you will be relaxed in using it. Luxman Integrated Amplifier L305 I highly strongly recommend , and some students likewise recommend .

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Most of the customer reviews speak that the Luxman Integrated Amplifier L305 are splendid luggage. Also, It Is a pretty well product for the price. It�s great for colony on a tight budget. We�ve found pros and cons on this type of product. But overall, It�s a supreme product and we are well recommend it! When you however want to know more details on this product, so read the reports of those who have already used it.

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