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Luxman Headphone Amplifier P-200

Who sellsthe cheapest Luxman Headphone Amplifier P-200

Product Description

-Innovated D/A converter with USB correspondence for variety of functions, terminals, and connections.
-Featuring high sound quality circuit from the SACD player.
-High resolution sound source of sampling frequency.
-Built-in head phone amplifier and pre-amp circuit.
-XLR balance output terminal for superior resistance noise efficiency.
-Supports both PC and Mac environments
This unit comes in Japan Standard AC 100V (50hz/60hz)
For European Customers :
You need a Voltage Stepdown Transformer. (from 220~240v to 100v) Sold Separately

For US and Canadian Customer :
You need a Voltage Stepdown Transformer. (from 110~120v to 100v) Sold Separately


Output: 2W+2W/8O, 1W+1W/16O, ½ W+ ½ W/32O
Input Sensitivity/Impedance: 1V/47KO
Frequency Response: 10-100kHz (+0dB, -3dB)
THD: 0.015%
S/N Rate: >100dB
System: Front Panel: Power switch, Volume control, Input switch (2 way),
Outputs: 1(Standard ¼E plug), Output 1(mini plug)
Rear Panel: 2 x stereo RCA Inputs, 1 x Throughout output (loop), AC inlet
Power/Power Consumption: AC 100V (50/60Hz) /16W
Dimensions: 14.3" (364) (W)×3.3" (84)(H)×10.1" (257)(D)

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