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Arcam CD37BK SACD Player

Reviews Arcam CD37BK SACD Player

Product Description

As one of the few specialist companies in the world to have developed their own CD and DVD players from the ground up, Arcam enjoy a world wide reputation for music and movie playback. Having produced the world's first true audiophile CD player in the late 1980's, Arcam CD and DVD players have gone on to set the standards by which competing players are judged. The new CD37 is the company's highest performing music player to date.

Using technology from the companies highly revered DVD players; the CD37 plays both CDs and SACD with astonishing musical reproduction. Digital to Analogue conversion is carried out by the very latest Wolfson 8741 DACs using pure DSD conversion unleashing the full resolution of SACD discs for with starling clarity.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), which would normally mask fine details in similar players, is dramatically reduced using Arcam's proprietary "Mask of Silence" strategy. The use of "Stealth Mat" (unique metal fibre matting) further diffuses EMI to ensure the every nuance of each recording is heard in its full glory.

The CD37s power supply features two separate toroid transformers, one each for audio and digital circuits. The chassis itself features a damped "Sound Dead Steel" construction virtually eliminating mechanical influences on the electronics.

As part of Arcam's FMJ line of high performance separates, the CD37 is an ideal partner for the A38 integrated amplifier or C31 pre-amp and P38 power amp combination.

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